VIMA paper mill

The VIMA paper mill in the Olona Valley has been abandoned decades ago, almost at the same time of its bigger business partner, the Cartiera Vita-Meyer; over the years some artists painted pretty scary subjects on its walls, which only adds to the atmosphere.

DSC_4221 BW AC Low

From the outside

DSC_4227 BW AC Low


DSC_4352 BW AC Low


DSC_4328 cut LOW AC


DSC_4358 bw AC Low


DSC_4345 bw AC Low


DSC_4340 cut AC Low

Hot dog?

DSC_4361 BW AC Low

Door to the hall of nightmares

DSC_4370 BW AC Low

Falling up

DSC_4372 bw AC Low

The way out to the ground floor

DSC_4375 BW AC Low


DSC_4380 BW AC Low

The grid

DSC_4384 BW AC Low

The hall of emptyness

DSC_4386 bw AC Low


DSC_4390 BW AC Low

Mechanical deer

DSC_4392 BW AC Low


DSC_4393 BW AC Low

Time lapse

DSC_4396 BW AC Low


DSC_4401 BW AC Low


DSC_4403 cut AC Low

The tree

DSC_4409 BW AC Low


DSC_4410 BW AC Low


DSC_4415 BW AC Low

Don’t breathe

DSC_4417 BW AC Low

Light is playing

DSC_4422 BW AC Low

Trees and asbestus curtains

DSC_4423 BW AC Low


DSC_4425 con AC Low


DSC_4429 cut AC Low




5 thoughts on “VIMA paper mill

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    • Tienes razon Carlos: me doy cuenta de que -en ese lugar tan contaminado y tan sobrecogedor- por una estraña razon estube bien.
      El lugar hablaba de su pasado y de futuros posibles, y el vacìo era solo exterior.
      iGracias por tu comentario!

    • Thank you Peter,
      I tried to capture the heavy atmosphere of the asbestus-polluted place, the feeling of emptiness and the sense of lost jobs (in a place that sustained thousands of families), as well as the sense of oppression sent out by the wall paintings.
      Still, the place is kind of magic, the sun shines thru the broken windows, and I hope that some of that light can pour thru my shots.
      The time I spent at VIMA was definitelty rewarding (same as the 2 photo trips to Cartiera Vita Meyer were).

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