Rainy day in Milan

This is my first black and white experiment and there is a story told in it … well, several different stories in a single rainy day. I left 2 shots in color: the reason is apparent, to me at least.

I decided to allow myself to work on contrast and luminosity: the topic deserves BW, or at least I proved myself unable to render the atmosphere in color.

I think that -by slightly changing the two mentioned factors- I could only add to the feelings that I felt when shooting, rather than subtracting authenticity: I’m open to criticisms … while our Government is deaf to the cries of the real world!


P1100274 BW cut Low AC

P1100277 BW cut Low AC


P1100278 BW cut Low AC

Want what?

P1100279 BW cut Low AC

Off I am

P1100282 cut Low AC

Nice hat

P1100280 BW cut Low AC

Dog & underdog

P1100284 BW cut Low AC

Getting bored?

P1100289 Low cut AC

Milano da bere (for those who remember a legendary Prime Minister)

The title of this shot is unfair to the Prime Minister’s brother-in-law: he was the Mayor of Milano at that time, and one of the way-too-many-jointly-liables for today’s nice situation.

Cadorna FMN

Cadorna FMN


6 thoughts on “Rainy day in Milan

  1. E’ una stretta al cuore continuata, per la dignità che emana da queste persone, chiaramente non mendicanti di “mestiere”. Le foto sono bellissime, l’uomo bianco lo amo. C’è anche la tua umanità, profonda, in questo viaggio.
    Grazie, Andrea.

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