Winter woods

I have been away from photography for 2 long years and I have missed it.

I hope you will keep following my work and keep giving me your suggestions on how to improve.

Witer woods at sunset


Windows onto an inner world

It doesn’t matter (Stephen Stills – Youtube link)

Fallin’ and spinnin’
Losin’ and winnin’
Keepin’ my head…

DSC_9244 AC - Low

Every tomorrow – Lookin’ to borrow – A piece of today

DSC_9199 AC - Low

Lookin’ for signals – Wearin’ some vigil – I was misled

DSC_9200 AC - Low

Run a bit faster – here comes the catcher – Makin’ his play

DSC_9228 AC - Low

Lonely and winsome – Callin’ for someone – Living right now

DSC_9197 AC - Low

Livin’ – Moment by moment – One day at a time

It doesn’t matter
It’s nothin’ but dreamin’ any how

Mount Lema – Fall palette

A palette of fall colors

DSC_8524 - AC Low



Early January afternoon, out in the woods next to my home

DSC_9103 - AC Low


DSC_9163 - AC Low

The outstander

DSC_9113 - AC Low

The run

DSC_9102 - AC Low

Dark forest and the snowstorm

DSC_9100 - AC Low


DSC_9141 - AC Low


Ghost trees

A long walk in the fresh snow with a friend

Ghost trees disappearing into shades of white

DSC_8972 - AC Low

The Wishing Well

DSC_8983 - AC Low

The House in the Woods

DSC_8977 - AC Low

In another place and time

DSC_8980 - AC Low

Almost back

DSC_8979 - AC Low


DSC_8971 - AC Low

The Friends



Thru the snowfall

January 2nd, 2016: trees right out of the window, thru the first snowfall in months.

Time to think.

Blue in Green – Miles Davis (from the Kind of Blue Album)

DSC_8954 - AC Low

The Three of Us

DSC_8969 - AC Low


DSC_8963 - AC Low

One and many

DSC_8959 - AC Low

Soft and Mellow

DSC_8966 - AC Low

Soft and Strong


Food for thoughts: just consider the titles.

I am not addressing any particular Country.

DSC_8938 - Low AC



DSC_8932 - Low AC

No matter the doctrine


Masters of war – Bob Dylan (link)

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