Parc National des Ecrins

During the few consecutive days of good wheather of October 2014 I went for the first time in the eastern section of the beautiful Parc des Ecrins, on the French Alps.

I was stupid enough as to forget to charge the battery of my camera. The following shots were all taken with my Huawei cell phone. Not a bad job, though 90% of the merit goes to Mother Nature!

IMG_20141019_100048 BN AC

The steep moraine towards the Glacier Noir


The river


Le Glacier Noir


Panorama: Les Ecrins et le Glacier Noir




On the way to the Glacier Blanc


Rivière du Glacier Blanc


Le Glacier Blanc


Pic et glacier


4 thoughts on “Parc National des Ecrins

  1. Thank you all!
    As I mentioned in the post, 90% of the merit goes to Mother Nature; I simply went there to enjoy the views and take some shots.
    If I have any merit at all in this specific series, it is to have made the shots b/w and worked a bit on them so to make you feel what I felt when I shot.
    Still, I am proud of the result!

  2. Sono tutte bellissime. L’ultima, la zampa di dinosauro, è impressionante. Sei un grande cacciatore di luci.

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