Ceilings (collapses and light)

A second tour at the Cartiera Vita Mayer (Cairate, Italy): collapsing ceilings, collapsed society.

DSC_4157 BW AC Low


DSC_4146 BW AC Low

Iron and plastic

DSC_4141 BW AC Low

Light holes

DSC_4200 BW AC Low


DSC_4187 BW AC Low

The squares

DSC_4138 BW AC Low

Falling upwards

DSC_4209 BW AC Low

The broken beam

DSC_4173 BW AC Low


This last one is dedicated to our dear Italian politicians.

The owner  of the Eternit factory (Casale Monferrato – Italy) had been sentenced to 18 years in the first trial for environmental disaster: the gentelman is considered to be responsible for the death for lung cancer of hundreds of his workers -and probably thousands of citizens- killed by the asbestus.

The Judge of the second trial, abiding by the Italian Laws, was forced to declare the crime extinct, and to let the “””gentleman””” go free.

The trivial reason is that our politicians -ever since the end of World War 2- have done their best to keep themselves out of jail, also by keeping the prescription period of any crime unreasonably short.

As you see in the last picture, eternit (the material) has been around us for decades, and will probably kill for hundreds of years.

The family  who owned Eternit will benefit of the past Company profits for about the same time.

Thanks, politicians.


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