Windows onto an inner world

It doesn’t matter (Stephen Stills – Youtube link)

Fallin’ and spinnin’
Losin’ and winnin’
Keepin’ my head…

DSC_9244 AC - Low

Every tomorrow – Lookin’ to borrow – A piece of today

DSC_9199 AC - Low

Lookin’ for signals – Wearin’ some vigil – I was misled

DSC_9200 AC - Low

Run a bit faster – here comes the catcher – Makin’ his play

DSC_9228 AC - Low

Lonely and winsome – Callin’ for someone – Living right now

DSC_9197 AC - Low

Livin’ – Moment by moment – One day at a time

It doesn’t matter
It’s nothin’ but dreamin’ any how


3 thoughts on “Windows onto an inner world

    • Thanks Susan. By the way, these are no macro views at all: the real size of each piece is around 30×45 cm, give or take 10. So, as I stated in the introduction to this blog, beauty is often really hidden in plain view!

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