Misty beach in Brittany

Ebb tide in Northern Brittany, pepole flying over the misty water’s edge. Before the night storm hits.

DSC_7534 - AC Low

Three dots

DSC_7561 - AC Low2

The dance

DSC_7520 - AC Low

The play

DSC_7570 - AC Low

Stormy wheather


4 thoughts on “Misty beach in Brittany

  1. Thank you all!
    Otto, special thanks for using the term “enigmatic”: to me, it means that these images have something to say beyond their first impact … and that everone can reach into his/her own’s soul and look for hidden meanings.

  2. Bellissima atmosfera, rarefazione e leggerezza. Forse “The play” ha anche qualcosa più delle altre. E mi colpisce il “volume” di “Stormy wheather” , sembra qualcosa che respira luce. Sempre tanto fascino.

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