The Blood Spider

DSC_5953 - DUE

The Blood Spider


4 thoughts on “The Blood Spider

  1. in a simply quick look, as i’ve been browsing the Net, i happened upon your site. I truly don’t understand the title, nor the idea of this as being Abstract Art. Perhaps i’m not cognizant of what this constitutes but in simply seeing what’s in front of me i need to be visually/emotionally attracted so that all of my faculties can be engaged in a state of understanding/feeling. However, in this viewing, i’m at a loss…perhaps i don’t have the set points engaged in being able to Feel that which i”m looking at, but when someone has to explain to me what i Must/do see, then i’ve been lost by the original Creator…meaning that what their vision of this visual piece is doesn’t match my viewing of it…therefore is it me in not being able to understand ‘this piece’ or is it the Artist in not being able to present their vision/piece to the public? of course, not everyone will See, nor agree…that’s already an understood idea….

    So where is my disconnection? and in, perhaps discounting my viewing, is the artist simply self-entranced, or am i, in their view not able to See? Where is the dimension of presenting and understanding, then?

    • Erik, there is nothing that I can do to make you feel what you cannot feel.
      Not a matter of you being disconnected: just, not all souls are made for all kinds of art. Like jazz fans vs. classical fans.
      The Artist is not remotely willing to make you understand “his piece”, because his visual art is about feeling colors, shapes, and forms, and not about “understanding” them.
      And, the Artist is not “self entranced”: he just likes what he does and likes to share and sell to those many like-hearted individuals who feel happy when shown beauty.
      Thanks for your comment, I wish you good luck, Erik.

  2. I am slightly arachnophobic but this spider looks quite reassuring 🙂 it reminds me of a late fall day with lots of winds and leaves flying through the air.

  3. Impressionante. Una grande forza, una specie di metamorfosi della materia grazie al tuo modo di vederla. Grande.

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