Impressions from your subconscious

My abstract pieces are unmodified images of real things, but in this and many other cases it is almost impossible to figure out what the real things were.

What is your first impression, when you look at my “Impressions”?

DSC_5990 - AC Low


DSC_5992 - AC Low

First Lightning

DSC_5987 - AC Low

Pouring down

DSC_5991 - AC Low

Seen from the ground

DSC_5986 - AC Low

Flying Oranges







8 thoughts on “Impressions from your subconscious

  1. You’re Sooooo Incredibly amazing, and I someday aspire to become as great as you…..

  2. Andrea, These photos appeal to me immediately. Everyday things hide much visual interest if we only become aware and really look for their secrets.

  3. Il mio subconscio è in festa, perché ha sempre creduto nella bellezza nascosta nelle cose, quella che si rivela a chi la cerca con amore. E se qualcuno la trova per me, è tanto bello.

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