Limbiate – The Asylum

An old hospital in Limbiate (Milano – Italy), previously an asylum; some old and very interesting architectonic features, a beautiful and very big park.

Everything is in ruins after the old wings were shut down in the late ’90, and a few new edifices built. Rubbish and broken window panes everywhere; even not-that-old radiographs and personal clinicial documents are piled on some floors. Talk about privacy…

This is an incredible aspect of my poor Country: whenever there is something good enough to be preserved for the future generations, or for an alternate use, we let time and idiots destroy it (though our dear Politicians always find money to waste).

I publish here just 8 of the shots taken during a 4 hours trip that took me thru half of the buildings, if you like the post I will publish more.


DSC_4800 - 2 AC Low

The cabinet and the the hoperays

DSC_4776 cut AC Low

The ghost archivist

DSC_4778 AC Low


DSC_4768 - 2 AC Low

The braincellar

DSC_4718 cut AC Low

Foggy minds, hazy colors

DSC_4753 AC Low

No bars

DSC_4796 AC Low

The old asylum








5 thoughts on “Limbiate – The Asylum

  1. Bellissimo luogo decadente e vibrante dove sono passate molte vite spesso costrette da destini avversi. Bello tornarci, ricordarsene e non sarebbe male restaurare luoghi simili e ridare loro vita e dignità! Si tende a dimenticare con facilità!

  2. Il fantasma seduto al sole a leggere … lo amo ! e anche la grazia salvifica della natura, la delicatezza di quei colori alla finestra, e anche la dignità sotto il degrado. Chissà se qualcuno scoprirà che si potrebbe prendersene cura …

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