For months in a row, sad politicians kept looking at me, every morning, from electoral wall posters; decaying day by day.

Yesterday I started a photographic project, and took a couple of shots at them … figuratively: I just took photos.

Later in the day, I climbed over the gate of an abandoned factory, looking for reality of some sort.

Here are 3 key shots from yesterday’s hunt: as always, images can tell a longer story than words.

DSC_3550 MOD - AC Low

Faint hopes

DSC_3585 MOD - AC Low

Outlook 2014

DSC_3586 MOD - AC Low

The Old Cathedral, from the Basement





One thought on “Politicians

  1. L’effimero giovane e già strappato, poi il tragico scheletro di ciò che è stato; ma la luce fuori, il tempo che continua.

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