Walls & Paints

I feel some kind of attraction to the work of time and elements on human artifacts.

A long story, though.

DSC_1079 Low AC

Crack and flame

DSC_1077 Low AC

Indians scattered on dawn’s highway

DSC_1076 cut Low AC

Wor(l)ds behind

DSC_1062 BW cut Low AC

Old furnace, today

DSC_1049 CI Low AC


DSC_1074 Low AC

Question mark

DSC_1064 Low AC

Flying beauty and the cobwebs


2 thoughts on “Walls & Paints

  1. Great photographs. Beauty is everywhere, sometimes holistic, often times as an extraction. I have taken a few last year while traveling through Santa Fe, New Mexico. I shall post them on my site when I get a chance.

    • Thanks Kamyar.
      Never been to Santa Fe, but i guess it would be fantastic to take photographs there. Where cultures mix there is always something new to learn and share, and to inspire still new art.

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