Autonomia operaia & the river Olona

Two days ago I went for a photo tour in a dilapidated factory, a truly huge one built on the river Olona. The river flooded in the past and a part of the floor exploded.

I spent some 2 hours there, and it was kind of scary: no one around (luckily), the wind moving things, and the constant wash of the Olona that seemed to come frome under my feet.

The following shot is just an anticipation of a series that I will publish within some days.

It represents the symbol -painted on a window- of a political Group of the extreme left that was active until 1979: Autonomia Operaia.


DSC_0940 AC CUT Low

Obreros Autonomos 1973 – 1979 R.I.P.


One thought on “Autonomia operaia & the river Olona

  1. Naturalmente era una faccenda di pennello troppo pieno, però fa pensare ad un paziente decadimento dell’idea, una specie di immobilità “in itinere”. Dev’essere stata emozionante la sensazione dell’Olona sotto i piedi, era il tempo che scorreva ?

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