Iceland 2010: trip itinerary

Here is the itinerary of the first and second third of our 2010 trip to Iceland.

To go to the second set of shots please click on the icon below.

P1040823 AC Low

Volcanic pond near Myvatn

Arrived in Reykjavik on August 28 ,  which was the last day of a beautiful sunny summer.

Day one: North to the Snaefellsnes peninsula, night in Olafsvik. Glaciers overlooking the ocean

Day 2: back South to the junction with 1, and North to junction with 50 and then 523 to Hraunfossar

Day 3: South on beautiful 550 to Thingvellir, then 365 and 37 to Strokkur geyser (campground beside the geyser area).

Day 4: Gullfoss waterfall and north on 35 to Hveravellir (100 km unpaved and rough, at places). Fantastic, remote.

Day 5: North on 35 to the paved 1, then East to Akureyri

Day 6: Akureyri-Mivatn

Day 7: Mivatn-Dettifoss-Asbyrgi

Day 8: Asbyrgi–Husavik-Mivatn

Day 9: Mivatn-Askja

Day 9-15 will go on the next post … stay tuned!



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